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Learn more about Intellatriage products and servies through scheduled webinars led by members of the Intellatriage  team.

The Perfect Storm: Effects of Hospice Nurse Shortages, Compassion Fatigue and Nurse Burnout

Date: Nov 9th, 2012 - 8:46pm
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It seems like every year we hear more stories about hospice nurse shortages, continued compassion fatigue and burnout.   Additionally, faced with funding cuts and shrinking profits affecting our nations hospice and home health providers, it's no wonder why our hospice and home health nurses are working longer hours, more days.  We all know our nurses are our most precious resource, and finding ways to reduce the burden on them while maintaing quality should be our number one priority.  Join our short webinar to hear some of the latest statistics on elder care, nursing shortages along with some simple ways elder care leaders can ease the burden on their nursing staff without raising costs and decreasing quality.