Post Discharge Follow Up Nursing Services

Post Discharge Nursing Services

Reduce Hospital Readmissions With Post Discharge Follow Up Nursing Care

Statistics show that 20% of discharged patients will be re-hospitalized within 30 days and of that over 50% will have no interaction with a nurse or clinician prior to readmission.  Studies also show that hospital readmissions often happen because the appropriate follow up wasn’t performed after patients are discharged. This lack of post discharge follow up care by the healthcare industry is plaguing the system with higher readmissions costs, resulting billions of dollars of loss each year.  A simple hospital readmission prevention solution or post discharge nursing follow up service can help.

Continuity of care and post discharge follow-up are vital to a patient’s health, and the more patients are informed about their post discharge care the more likely they are to understand and follow their discharge instructions correctly, thus reducing the chance for readmission.

Post discharge nurse follow-up care programs provided by IntellaTriage can help to reduce hospital readmissions by conducting outreach calls after discharge to:

  • Clarify discharge instructions
  • Allow nurses to educate patients post discharge
  • Remind patients to refill their prescriptions
  • Have hospital staff alerted to patient issues
  • Schedule follow up care appointments.
  • Provide nurse triage and advice as appropriate

Improve Your Hospital’s HCAHPS Scores

Patients who don’t understand their discharge instructions, or are otherwise unsure of what they need to do to manage their follow-up care, are more likely to have an unfavorable perception of their overall hospital experience.  This will negatively impacting your HCAHPS scores which in turn can reduce your reimbursement.

Connecting with your patients after discharge not only improves patient safety and health, but provides your patients with piece of mind that they have a support system in place in the event they have questions or require additional care.

Hospitals and Health Systems can partner with IntellaTriage nurses to conduct post discharge outreach that can assess a patient’s current health and gather feedback on the patient’s hospital experience for improved customer service, leading to both increased HCAHPS scores and reimbursement.  With IntellaTriage’s post discharge nursing follow-up solution the burden of making follow up calls is removed from your internal nursing staff, giving them the time back to focus on patient care, improving the patient’s overall experience with your facility.  Contact us today to learn more.

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