Home Care

Caring for patients while they heal in a home environment

What we do for your patients

IntellaTriage is a provider of after-hours compassionate and effective telephone triage services and solutions for your Homecare patients. The nature of Homecare telephone triage is typically not clinically urgent in nature, but requires a calm, caring, knowledgeable resource to assist patients with their questions and concerns. Utilizing RNs for all support assures expert, top quality interactions with your participants and their families while treating each situation and patient with the care and respect they deserve.

Our state of the art phone system makes it transparent to the patient and their caregivers that phone support has been transferred to IntellaTriage. This allows us to respond to callers as an extension of your organization. IntellaTriage’s RNs chart in your EMR system for a seamless record of care and then hand-off all critical data back to your staff.

Information transparency is a strategic differentiator for Intellatriage and translates to improved outcomes and appropriate response management that exceeds any other service available. An on-line repository for documentation facilitates sharing of information with the IntellaTriage team, and for us to utilize your protocols to ensure a smooth transition of care. IntellaTriage helps with your quality assurance measures upon implementation and training and all call-logs are available on a daily basis. As standard operating procedure we also deliver all call-volume statistical reports/analysis on a monthly basis to support your CMS requirements.

IntellaTriage’s RNs also act as intermediary between al l the providers necessary to deliver appropriate care for your patients, including but not limited to Physicians, Pharmacies, and Durable Medical Equipment vendors.

How our services are delivered to your patients

  • Highly experienced Registered Nurses with compassionate care to match clinical support
  • Clinical staff supported by an IT team, allowing IntellaTriage to provide an unprecedented level of service to your patients and their families
  • State of the art technology for calls to be routed to IntellaTriage using your dedicated number
  • Customized protocols for an extension of your care
  • Team approach so your staff and patients establish a relationship with their IntellTriage counterparts
  • All IntellaTriage nurses are employees, not contract labor

How does our homecare phone support benefit your organization

  • Mange costs in a capitated reimbursement environment
  • Eliminate staff burnout for taking routine after hour, holiday and weekend calls and pages
  • Leverage a team of registered nurses to supplement your staff, or partner with us to triage all of  your inbound calls, reducing costs while still providing quality interactions
  • Improve outcomes and reduce reactive management with statistics and clinical data
  • Confidence that your organization is being represented with the same professionalism and care as your staff

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