Our Nurse Triage Services

Our Triage Services


After Hours Triage For Hospice & Home Health

We provide after-hours compassionate and effective telephone triage nurses and services for your Hospice,Home Health, Palliative Care, PACE programs and Physician Groups. Managing costs while providing the highest level of care requires expert triage of each call and individual situation. Utilizing RNs for all support assures expert top quality interactions with your participants and their families while treating each situation with care and respect it deserves.

Our state of the art phone system makes it transparent that phones have been transferred to IntellaTriage allowing us to respond to callers as an extension of your organization. IntellaTriage RNs chart in your EMR system for a seamless record of care and hand-off back to your staff. Learn More.

Nurse Line Services for Physician Groups and Hospitals

Enabling access to healthcare is one of the primary functions of IntellaTriage. But sometimes patients just want access to a person and information like advice, resources, support, or even just a calm voice to help settle their concerns.

Getting the right information at the right time is vital, and the skills and resources of a trained, licensed nurse can be one of the most effective ways to get a patient the information they need. Sometimes a quick answer to a health issue that doesn’t require immediate medical treatment or a physician visit is all they need. That’s why IntellaTriage supports physician groups and hospitals with a 24-hour nurse line staffed by licensed nurses. Learn More.

Home health patient calls after hours nurse triage line

24 Hour Nurse Line For Insurers, TPAs and Employer Groups

IntellaTriage supports numerous health care needs, including providing general health information, verifying networks and provider availability and appointment scheduling. Our registered nurses use a state-of-the-art technology and protocol care guidelines along with compassionate communication skills to provide trusted advice. When needed, the patient, member or employee can be transitioned to resolve healthcare and insurance-related issues. Learn More.

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