24 Nurse Line Triage for TPAs, Insurers, Health Plans and Employer Groups

24 Hour Nurse Line Support


On Call Nurse Line Support For Insurers, TPAs, Employers and Health Plans

What our nurse triage services do for you and your members

Get advice from a nurse, 24/7 when your members have questions about their health. It helps to have a licensed nurse to get advice from. With a 24-Hour Nurse, member and patients can get advice from a registered or licensed nurse 24/7.

IntellaTriage’s 24 hour nurse line can help:

  • Decide when to visit a doctor, or go to an Urgent Care or ER.
  • Find network doctors and schedule appointments.
  • Understand medications and how to take them safely.

IntellaTraige’s licensed nurse triage delivers:

  • Highly experienced, compassionate registered and licensed nurses to match clinical support
  • State of the art technology for calls to be routed to IntellaTriage using your dedicated number
  • Customized protocols for an extension of your care
  • Team approach so your staff and patients establish a relationship with their IntellaTriage counterparts
  • Round-the-clock healthcare advice
  • Evaluation and direction to appropriate care
  • Answers about symptoms, medication usage
  • Information about simple home-care measures for non-urgent conditions
  • Unlimited access to licensed nurses to address clinical and insurance-related issues
  • Team of registered nurses backed by medical directors, and benefits and claims specialists
  • Finds in-network doctors, hospitals, eldercare services; facilitates appointments
  • Helps secure second opinions
  • Researches conditions and treatment options


24 Hour Nurse Line benefits:

  • Avoids costly, unneeded visits to the ER
  • Help insureds cut down on the time it takes to report a claim
  • Reduce the duration of a disability
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Improves productivity
  • Gets employees to the right care at the right time
  • Seamlessly integrated with Health Advocacy service
  • Increases employee satisfaction
  • Helps employees make informed healthcare decisions
  • Facilitates access to care for chronic conditions
  • Promotes wise use of healthcare resources and benefits

Private Label Your Nurse Triage Services

You can partner with IntellaTriage to private label your nurse triage services, and offer the ability to provide employers with an opportunity to gain control over their comp costs and focus on claims that need attention and improve workers’ compensation profitability and experience modification.

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