About Intellatriage

About IntellaTriage

Triage Nurse With Medical Staff

We specialize in delivering quality care to your patients and their families. On average our triage nurses have over 15 years experience. Their knowledge of hospice and triage coupled with the proven ability to provide excellent care over the phone relieves your staff of after-hours support and reduces staff burn-out.


When IntellaTriage takes over your off-hours phone support and nurse triage you will know that your patients will have access to quality, experienced RNs. The seamless transition will be transparent to your patients. IntellaTriage uses your phone numbers, your triage protocols and most importantly caring support for your patients and their families in time of need.


Quality is not just a word at IntellaTriage. We make it easy for you to understand the nature of the after-hour triage calls you are receiving by providing monthly clinical and after-hour call volume statistics. This is what we call “Information transparency” and is the strategic differentiator for Intellatriage that translates to improved patient outcomes and appropriate response management that exceeds any other triage service available.


Our hospice, home health and physician group customers are able to significantly reduce after-hours triage staffing costs while maintaining a high level of care for their patients. Ultimately, we strive to deliver the best, most passionate care possible at an affordable price to your organization.

Triage nurse taking phone call


Your staff will no longer have the burden of working after-hours phone support and triage. Our triage nurses’ experience also helps to reduce after-hours home visits. We leverage a team of experienced, registered nurses that will supplement your staff helping to reduce costs while still providing quality interactions. All IntellaTriage nurses are employees, not contract labor.

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