A Nurses Introduction To IntellaTriage and Hospice Care

A Nurses Introduction To IntellaTriage and Hospice Care

IntellaTriage is a company that consists of well-seasoned hospice and/or homecare registered nurses, with extensive hands-on experience in the care of  hospice patients.  

When you subscribe to the IntellaTraige service, the first person your hospice patient will talk with when they call after-hours or weekends is one of our registered nurses  they do not have to leave a message and wait for a call back.  When a family member or caregiver calls, many times it is a crisis and they are in tears or extremely anxious.  Often times all our triage nurses have to hear are a few words between the tears and anxiety and pick up on the problem within minutes and assist with comfort measures immediately.

At that point, our triage nurses become the “anchor” for that patient or caregiver and knows that all they have to do is pick up the phone and one of our nurses will be there for them. Not only do our triage nurses serve as the anchor for the patient but the serve as the same anchor for your on call team as well.  Our triage nurses become the center of the circle and reach out to the patient, the on call nurse, the social worker, the chaplain, the nursing facilities, and the managers of each  hospice.   Our registered nurses are there to answer questions, organize the visits, coordinate the care efficiently and in a timely manner.

Our triage nurses also develop a rapport with the “long-term patients and caregivers”.  When your patients call on the weekend or evening, they hear a familiar voice and most of the time that alone is all the patient needs.  Someone to talk to about their situation or impending loss.  At IntellaTraige we understand it is critical that our Hospice Nurses are spiritual in nature and that their  “healthy attitude” toward loss of  life and being able to convey to the patient, family, caregiver that passing on is a “normal part of life” is essential.  

If you have a personal story about a Hospice nurse that has changed your life, please contact us and we would be happy to post your story along with ours.

– Rebecca Sullivan, RN

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